Friday, March 30, 2012

A Rooster, Stone Soup, and puppets, what a week!

Last week we had a special visitor in Pre-k, Gracie's Rooster, Lucky. He was named Lucky because he fell off a truck going to an early demise. They had to teach him to eat and walk. He truly is Lucky. He is also very talented, he chases dry dog food pieces. He is super fast, look at the first photo, he is a blur

We chopped and chopped and chopped veggies to make stone soup. If you do not know this story, ask a pre-k student because they can tell it to you! It was yummy and thanks to Shannon and Mr. Campbell for their help! We could not have this wonderful Pre-k without our terrific volunteers!

We made animal puppets out of shapes we cut during small group, it was so much fun!

Whew, I'm tired and am going to enjoy Spring Break!

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  1. i LOVE stone soup. such a good kids' book. and i'm so glad lucky survived. :]

    thanks for visiting picky and leaving it some love. i'm curious: if you picked up a book that had an opening scene such as the one you read the other day, would you be more or less likely to continue reading it?